Suspected killer hunted around the world

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Used political backrooms as pawns for horror

Crazy one!

MPs had a terrible scare this week.

They thought for a while they might be targets of a mad killer.

A box arrived in the mail at Conservative Party Headquarters on the 12th floor of 160 Albert Street in Ottawa Tuesday morning. It contained a bloody human foot.

Macabre, disgusting, sickening.

If he wanted to get his message across to politicians, why send his box of horror to the little-known address of the back-room boys, rather than to parliamentary offices of a minister or the prime minister.

Could the bloody foot have belonged to a Conservative organizer or party bagman who hadn't delivered the goods as promised?

Not a single Conservative was missing, no politician, no organizers, no bagmen, nobody from Parliament or from party headquarters.

It was not until later in the day that police told Conservative headquarters people they were not his particular target. He had sent a bloodied hand in a box to the Liberal Party, but the box was still stuck in the mail at a Canada Post sorting station in Ottawa.

The heat was off at Conservative Headquarters as well as at Liberal Headquarters.

The killer had simply used the two political headquarters as unsuspecting pawns in his macabre scheme, just as he used the news media to spread his message of horror around the world.

The infuriating thing is that he pulled it off. And then he disappeared.


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